MARGIZ cargo and transport

Posted at 30-07-2016
If you are one of MARGIZ Sp z o.o. customers, here you find real-time information about the status of your cargo. Either your cargo is currently loading, waiting to be loaded, or is already shipped, just log in and find out. You can checkout the transport details:
- container number or trailer licence number,
- status of container/trailer (waiting, loading in progress, completed loading, shipped)
- cargo weight, date and time when the loading is complete,
- date and time of truck arrival, departure
- CMR number,
- seal number when needed,
- destination, consignee etc.
We elaborate the packing lists containing the number of items, weight. We can create online customised packing lists which can be printed according to customer needs and international shipping and customs regulations
We take pictures showing how the container / trailer is loaded how the material is secured.

Log in to
Use the following credentials:
user: demo
password: demo
And you can see how we handle the inventory of transports.

Take a look at our MARGIZ CARGO website

MARGIZ cargo and transport

Equipment for special tasks

Equipment for special tasks

Posted at 14-06-2021


Appropriate use of machines significantly facilitates the work. Our experienced team of operators quickly dealt with the dismantling of the electrical room. All elements safely landed on the ground.
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The construction of the pipeline is in full swing!

The construction of the pipeline is in full swing!

Posted at 11-06-2021


The construction of the pipeline is in full swing!
Our team installs the pipeline components and prepares the joints before welding.👨‍🏭
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Posted at 10-06-2021


Health and Safety, we often forget about the second part, but not in MARGIZ. A sanitary container has arrived for a project in Germany in which employees will be able to wash their hands and take a shower after a hard day's work.
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Our work

We are a German-Polish Company, our main objective is innovative dismantling and assembly of equipment and production lines. Matchmarking, dismantling, loading and shipping, of materialand finally re-... Read more

Our team

Our team consists of highly skilled workers: mechanics, electricians, electronic technicians, welders. From dismantling to re-erection, all project phases are handled and carefully documented for our Customer. Read more

Our tools

For every task we provide the best solution! Forklifts, cranes and special lifting equipment, tools for dismantling and overhauling, MARGIZ can provide and handle. Our own specific software used for m.... Read more