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Last month of planned activities in France

Last month of planned activities in France

Posted at 06-06-2022

Project: PM3 paper machine disassembly in central France

The last, straight line to complete the project gives us reasons to share some photos!
In June, the project of dismantling the paper machine in France, which will find its future destination in Turkey, will be completed.
Our team does its best, to complete the project on time and to make ...
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New project in Germany - disassembly of Cutter with the transport and packaging system

New project in Germany - disassembly of Cutter with the transport and packaging system

Posted at 30-05-2022

Project: Disassembly of Cross Cutter with the transport and packaging system - Germany

Another project joins our portfolio!
Our speed and commitment do not slow down, although the quality level does not drop even for a moment.
Thanks to the great synergy of our forces, we have started a third project in one industrial complex.
The cutter with the transport and packaging ...
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New project in Margiz - Ream Wrapper disassembly

New project in Margiz - Ream Wrapper disassembly

Posted at 27-05-2022


Another good news to share with our followers! Margiz have been contracted to disassembly a Ream Wrapping machine in Germany.
Our team is already in process with matchmarking and machine disassembly will begin very soon. Machine will find its new destination place in .. South America! We look forward ...
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We are a German-Polish Company, our main objective is innovative dismantling and assembly of equipment and production lines. Matchmarking, dismantling, loading and shipping, of materialand finally re-... Read more

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Our team consists of highly skilled workers: mechanics, electricians, electronic technicians, welders. From dismantling to re-erection, all project phases are handled and carefully documented for our Customer. Read more

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