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Time of inspiration

Time of inspiration

Posted at 12-09-2019


We have a pleasure to share, that one of the paper machines dismantled by Margiz become an artwork of Mr. Rudolf Butz.
Effect of his work shows also labels being generated by Margiz © authorial programme.
To be somebody's inspiracion it's a unique reason to be proud of. Thank you!
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The assembly of the paper machine

The assembly of the paper machine

Posted at 09-09-2019

Project: Rebuilding of PM3 paper machine in Hencovce, Slovakia

The project of re-erection in Slovakia has begun! Last week, first activities aiming the assembly of former KyroPM3 has begun. That paper machine was dismantled by Margiz in Kyroskoski, Finland, in 2017 and has been performed succesfull. We are very happy, that our Client are so satisfied with our services, ...
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A throwback clip trough industrial time

A throwback clip trough industrial time

Posted at 09-09-2019

Project: Dismantling of Formaldehyde Plant in Leuna, Germany

A short throwback to some amazing, industrial views from Margiz's project in Leuna, Germany. From December 2018 our team has been dismantling the Formaldehyde Plant in Infraleuna petrochemical complex, and by now, the parts of the plant are being renovated in Gdynia, Poland.
It's good to share ...
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Our work

We are a German-Polish Company, our main objective is innovative dismantling and assembly of equipment and production lines. Matchmarking, dismantling, loading and shipping, of materialand finally re-... Read more

Our team

Our team consists of highly skilled workers: mechanics, electricians, electronic technicians, welders. From dismantling to re-erection, all project phases are handled and carefully documented for our Customer. Read more

Our tools

For every task we provide the best solution! Forklifts, cranes and special lifting equipment, tools for dismantling and overhauling, MARGIZ can provide and handle. Our own specific software used for m.... Read more