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Finalisation of cleaning and securing activities in Belgium

Finalisation of cleaning and securing activities in Belgium

Posted at 20-09-2023


Our project site in Belgium, after 3 weeks of cleaning and securing, is taking on the shape of a safe workplace.
Although we have not yet completed all the mobilisation activities, we want to share the difference - to see what the promptly prepared project site should look like.
Dirt, debris, ...
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Site establishing of project in Belgium

Site establishing of project in Belgium

Posted at 22-08-2023


We are happy to share with you, that this week we are starting Site establishing of project in Belgium.
After huge administrative job, ensuring fulfilling of all legal requirements, we proceed to preparing of a safe and secure workplace.
As our container and machinery have arrived, our team ...
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New project upcoming!

New project upcoming!

Posted at 20-07-2023


Right before our holiday break, we are glad to announce some good news - Margiz will start new project in Belgium in August, which will be a very interesting management challenge!
We can't wait to share with you before and after.
Stay tuned!
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About us

Our work

We are a German-Polish Company, our main objective is innovative dismantling and assembly of equipment and production lines. Matchmarking, dismantling, loading and shipping, of materialand finally re-... Read more

Our team

Our team consists of highly skilled workers: mechanics, electricians, electronic technicians, welders. From dismantling to re-erection, all project phases are handled and carefully documented for our Customer. Read more

Our tools

For every task we provide the best solution! Forklifts, cranes and special lifting equipment, tools for dismantling and overhauling, MARGIZ can provide and handle. Our own specific software used for m.... Read more