Posted at 18-05-2021

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Relocation of packing industry factory at its finish line

Relocation of packing industry factory at its finish line

Posted at 11-10-2021
Do you remember, that in June we have finalised complete disassembly of the printing, slitting and extrusion coating line in Netherlands?
Margiz Sp. z o.o. have made the full relocation of 3 lines, including modification works on the coating line.
Two of the lines are already in production, while last ...
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Our work

We are a German-Polish Company, our main objective is innovative dismantling and assembly of equipment and production lines. Matchmarking, dismantling, loading and shipping, of materialand finally re-... Read more

Our team

Our team consists of highly skilled workers: mechanics, electricians, electronic technicians, welders. From dismantling to re-erection, all project phases are handled and carefully documented for our Customer. Read more

Our tools

For every task we provide the best solution! Forklifts, cranes and special lifting equipment, tools for dismantling and overhauling, MARGIZ can provide and handle. Our own specific software used for m.... Read more